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It's week three of the crossword challenge

All answers should be in English and are based on the training material.

Purple squares are spaces in-between multiple word answers.

Samsung Crossword-12.png

 #7 DOWN:  (5 letter answer) 

Capture every moment perfectly with this Enhanced _____ Sensor, which uses an advanced re-mosaic process. 

 #8 ACROSS:  (2 words, 11 letter answer) 

Our new quad-camera offers a 3x wider dynamic range and allows you to get 64x what?

 #9 ACROSS: (2 words, 15 letter answer) 

Even when you are disconnected from a network or Bluetooth, this amazing feature allows you to locate and track your Galaxy devices.

How it works:

Every Monday at 12:00 for a one-month period, we will reveal three new crossword questions to test your knowledge of the amazing Samsung Galaxy S21. You have exactly one week to enter your answers. Each correct answer will be an entry for you to win a prize. The more right answers, the more chances you have to win.


The Crossword Challenge begins Monday, March 1st at 12:00, with the last answer accepted Monday, March 29th, at 12:00.


Winners of the lottery will be contacted by their field trainers the following week.

The contest is arranged by Samsung Electronics Nordics AB. The winner will be selected randomly out of the correct answers. 

There will be a total of 100 prizes, which are amazing Samsung branded hoodies.

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